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tulsa wedding and event rentals
tulsa wedding and event rentals
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Orange Embellished White Ceramic Pot  $1

Hobnail Vase (4x 5.75in) $1.50

White Moxie Urn (18.5x30in) $45

18in Tall Sq Vase $

Fuchsia 5.5in Party Cube $4

Montego Urn (21x28.5in) $90

Black Tabago Vase (5x7in) $3.50

Turquoise Bubble Vase, 19in $15

6.25 Black Urban Square $4.50

12x4x8 in Planter

6.25 Black Urban Square $4.50

Sq Vase (3x3x6) $

Julep Cup 5"x3.75"  $4.25

5x12: Black Cylinder Vase $9

Sq Vase (3x3x10) $

Purple Bijou (4.25"x4.25")


Silver Blower Bowl $4

Purple Bazaar Vase 7in x31in $

Black Glamour Pot (5x4.3) $4

3.5"x10.5" tall Cylinder Vase

Tree Bark wrapped Galvanized Container 5.5" $8

Gatsby Vase (5x5.25in) $4

6x16" Cylinder vase

Velvet Flocked Amber Glass Vase $6

5.5" Green Party Cube $4

Austin Bowl $15

Celebrity Vase $

Round Hanging Glass Candle holder/vase 6.5x6in $4

white or ivory

Stemmed Goblet Vase $

Black Square Vase (4x3x6) $4

Small White Tapered Cylinder (1.75x16.5in) $8

Teal Glass Cylinder Vase with Iron Pedestal $8

Gatsby Compote (6x5.75in) $6.50

Manu Vase 16x36in

White Mod Vase, 16in $5

Heirloom Milk Glass Budvase $2

White Posh Vase (4x20in) $5

Garrett Pot (4.5inx4in) $3

Purple Embellished White Ceramic Pot  $1

White Glam Pot (5x4.3in) $4

Heirloom Milk Glass Budvase $2

6in Glass Cube $

White Victorian Flower Vase $5

Small Teal Glass Bottle (2.125x6.25in) $1

Jumbo White Glass Bubble Vase $44.5

Sq Budvase (2x2x10)

Large White Glass Bubble Vase $29

Sq Vase (3x3x8) $

4x4"  Pink Bejewled Vase

4.75x4.75x10 in Square Vase

Teal Glass Candle Vase with iron Holder $8

Large White Tapered Cylinder (1.75x25in) $12


Silver Mirror Vase 3x6w $5

Black Metal Flower Bowl (glass insert) $10

Longneck Round Vase (4x10.25) $

Mini Deco Vase 2"x3"  $1.25

Medium White Glass Bubble Vase $20

Gold Audrey Bowl (15x4.5in)


Tree Bark wrapped Galvanized Container 7"x6" $8

White Vintage Flower Bowl $4

Teal Glass Triangle Bottle $3

Oversized Margarita (60oz) $

Oversized Martini (10in) $

Julep Cup 7.5"x5.25"  $8

12x4x12 Planter

Hand-blown Orchid Vase $18

Yellow Ceramic Garden Urn $30

Sq Budvase (2x2x8)

16in Skyline Vase

32in Skyline Vase

2.5 in Bejewled Green Vase

White Mod Vase, 12in $5

Tapered Sq Vase (6x6x12) $

Heirloom Milk Glass Bowl $2

Clear Glass Pedestal Vase $7

6x6in Cylinder Vase

5x5 Clack Cylinder

Heirloom Milk Glass Vase (3x7in) $2

Turquoise Bubble Vase, 15.5in $12

Heirloom Milk Glass Vase (3x7in) $2

6x10in Cylinder Vase $4

Tapered Sq Vase (6x6x15) $

Diamond Cut Studio Vase $2

Turquoise Bubble Vase, 12in $8

browns & naturals

5"x8" Black Cylinder Vase $8

Reclaimed Grapevine Vase $49

6x32" Black Cylinder $26

Heirloom Eiffle Vase (2.5x8.5in) $2

Silver Mirror Vase 4x8w $7

Black Tabago Pot (5x5.25in) $3.50

Round Bud Vase $1.50

Blue Oval Vase $4

Black Damask Vase $6

24in Skyline Vase

5.5 Orange Party Cube $4

Gatsby Pedestal Bowl (5.25x7.5x4.25) $4.50

Black Rose Vase w/hanging crystals $5

Vases & Containers

Black Fluted Vase 6.5"x 30"  $25.50

Cylinder Vase 6x32"  $21

Cylinder Vase (approx.4x9)  $2.50

Cylinder Vase 3.5x6"  $1.50

Silver Trumpet Vase, 22"x8"  $13

Antiqued Silver Glass Bowl  (9"x5") $10

Antiques Silver Vase 7"x31"  $39

Antiqued Solace Vase 4"x4"  $5



Heirloom Milk Glass Eiffel Tower Vase $2
2.5" Wide x 8.5" Tall

Heirloom Milk Glass Floral Vase $2
3" Wide x 7" Tall

Heirloom Milk Glass Bowl  $2
4.25" Diameter x 4" Tall

Gatsby Vase (gold mercury glass) $4
5" Diameter x 5.25" Tall

Gatsby Compote Bowl (gold mercury glass) $6.50
6" Wide x 5.75" Tall

Carraway Gold Gatsby Pedestal Bowl (gold mercury glass) $4.50

5" Long x 5.25" Wide x 4.25" Tall

Do you need that perfect container for your wedding floral arrangements? Shop our selection of glass vases with vintage glass, mercury vases, and popular gold containers. Whether you need a flower container that stands out, adds height, or to use as a base, if you are looking for glass vases or ceramic containers, we have something for you.

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