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tulsa wedding and event rentals
tulsa wedding and event rentals

Orange Embellished White Ceramic Pot  $1

Hobnail Vase (4x 5.75in) $1.50

White Moxie Urn (18.5x30in) $45

18in Tall Sq Vase $

Fuchsia 5.5in Party Cube $4

Montego Urn (21x28.5in) $90

Black Tabago Vase (5x7in) $3.50

Tree Bark wrapped Galvanized Container 5.5" $8

Gatsby Vase (5x5.25in) $4

6x16" Cylinder vase

Velvet Flocked Amber Glass Vase $6

5.5" Green Party Cube $4

Teal Glass Candle Vase with iron Holder $8

Large White Tapered Cylinder (1.75x25in) $12


Silver Mirror Vase 3x6w $5

Black Metal Flower Bowl (glass insert) $10

Longneck Round Vase (4x10.25) $

Mini Deco Vase 2"x3"  $1.25

Medium White Glass Bubble Vase $20

Gold Audrey Bowl (15x4.5in)


Diamond Cut Studio Vase $2

Turquoise Bubble Vase, 12in $8

browns & naturals

5"x8" Black Cylinder Vase $8

Reclaimed Grapevine Vase $49

6x32" Black Cylinder $26

Heirloom Eiffle Vase (2.5x8.5in) $2

Silver Mirror Vase 4x8w $7

Black Tabago Pot (5x5.25in) $3.50

Round Bud Vase $1.50

Blue Oval Vase $4

Black Damask Vase $6


Heirloom Milk Glass Eiffel Tower Vase $2
2.5" Wide x 8.5" Tall

Heirloom Milk Glass Floral Vase $2
3" Wide x 7" Tall

Heirloom Milk Glass Bowl  $2
4.25" Diameter x 4" Tall

Gatsby Vase (gold mercury glass) $4
5" Diameter x 5.25" Tall

Gatsby Compote Bowl (gold mercury glass) $6.50
6" Wide x 5.75" Tall

Carraway Gold Gatsby Pedestal Bowl (gold mercury glass) $4.50

5" Long x 5.25" Wide x 4.25" Tall

Do you need that perfect container for your wedding floral arrangements? Shop our selection of glass vases with vintage glass, mercury vases, and popular gold containers. Whether you need a flower container that stands out, adds height, or to use as a base, if you are looking for glass vases or ceramic containers, we have something for you.

Start your DIY wedding centerpiece with the perfect vase or container. From vintage glass vases, birch and clear glass to unique ceramic and metal containers.

clear glass

Vases & Containers

Austin Bowl $15

Celebrity Vase $

Round Hanging Glass Candle holder/vase 6.5x6in $4

white or ivory

Stemmed Goblet Vase $

Black Square Vase (4x3x6) $4

Small White Tapered Cylinder (1.75x16.5in) $8

Teal Glass Cylinder Vase with Iron Pedestal $8

Gatsby Compote (6x5.75in) $6.50

Manu Vase 16x36in

White Mod Vase, 16in $5

Heirloom Milk Glass Budvase $2

White Posh Vase (4x20in) $5

6in Glass Cube $

White Victorian Flower Vase $5

Small Teal Glass Bottle (2.125x6.25in) $1

Jumbo White Glass Bubble Vase $44.5

Sq Budvase (2x2x10)

Large White Glass Bubble Vase $29

Tree Bark wrapped Galvanized Container 7"x6" $8

White Vintage Flower Bowl $4

Teal Glass Triangle Bottle $3

Oversized Margarita (60oz) $

Oversized Martini (10in) $

Julep Cup 7.5"x5.25"  $8

12x4x12 Planter

White Mod Vase, 12in $5

Tapered Sq Vase (6x6x12) $

Heirloom Milk Glass Bowl $2

Clear Glass Pedestal Vase $7

6x6in Cylinder Vase

Turquoise Bubble Vase, 15.5in $12

24in Skyline Vase

5.5 Orange Party Cube $4

Silver Trumpet Vase, 22"x8"  $13

Antiqued Silver Glass Bowl  (9"x5") $10

Antiques Silver Vase 7"x31"  $39

Antiqued Solace Vase 4"x4"  $5


Turquoise Bubble Vase, 19in $15

6.25 Black Urban Square $4.50

12x4x8 in Planter

6.25 Black Urban Square $4.50

Sq Vase (3x3x6) $

Julep Cup 5"x3.75"  $4.25

5x12: Black Cylinder Vase $9

Sq Vase (3x3x10) $

Purple Bijou (4.25"x4.25")


Silver Blower Bowl $4

Purple Bazaar Vase 7in x31in $

Black Glamour Pot (5x4.3) $4

3.5"x10.5" tall Cylinder Vase

Garrett Pot (4.5inx4in) $3

Purple Embellished White Ceramic Pot  $1

White Glam Pot (5x4.3in) $4

Heirloom Milk Glass Budvase $2

Sq Vase (3x3x8) $

4x4"  Pink Bejewled Vase

4.75x4.75x10 in Square Vase

Hand-blown Orchid Vase $18

Yellow Ceramic Garden Urn $30

Sq Budvase (2x2x8)

16in Skyline Vase

32in Skyline Vase

2.5 in Bejewled Green Vase

5x5 Clack Cylinder

Heirloom Milk Glass Vase (3x7in) $2

Heirloom Milk Glass Vase (3x7in) $2

6x10in Cylinder Vase $4

Tapered Sq Vase (6x6x15) $

Gatsby Pedestal Bowl (5.25x7.5x4.25) $4.50

Black Rose Vase w/hanging crystals $5

Black Fluted Vase 6.5"x 30"  $25.50

Cylinder Vase 6x32"  $21

Cylinder Vase (approx.4x9)  $2.50

Cylinder Vase 3.5x6"  $1.50